• Tech Power
    SUNGGOK is a company taking the lead in the field of process and distribution trays.

  • Tech Process
    It pursues a super gap with other companies in terms of process and distribution trays.

  • High Quality
    It fuses vacuum molding products with cutting-edge technology and pursues the realization of products with the highest quality.

About us

It is going to be the company growing up together with its clients in this rapidly-changing world.

Summary about Company

It is a company specialized in the field of process and distribution tray and provides efficient and innovative products and technology.

Vision & Competence

It secures competitive raw materials and realizes the optimization of capacity utilization rate and high yield with its strongpurchasing power.

History of Company

It is developing into a global company along with its business expansion in not only Korea but also other countries.


SUNGGOK is developing itself into a global company along with continued research and introduction of new technology.

  • ESD Tray
    Anti-static tray

    It prevents generation of static electricity and dust adhesion and releases static electricity by reducingelectric resistance on the surface of tray.

  • Slide Core
    Top-set method tray

    Demonstrate excellent product flatness and productivity by completely suppressing interference of demolding process during the tray molding.


SUNGGOK continues to develop itself into a global company.

Tech Power

It embodies countergradient technology with a differentiated method

Tech Process

It embodies systemized facilities and product lines.

High Quality

It will embody the best quality based on the best management for controlling alien substances in the process.

Perfect QC

It will conduct perfect inspection process and make defect-free products.


SUNGGOK is developing itself into a global company with its business places in Korea and other countries.


SUNGGOK is a 'growing company' that strives to invest in continued research and develop new products.

  • Develop new materials(sheet)
  • Develop technology tostrengthen tray functions
  • Discover new items