SUNGGOK is developing into a global company with its differentiated competitiveness.

Technical skills

Tech Power

It embodies countergradient technology with a differentiated method.

Facilities and lines

Tech Process

It embodies systemized facilities and product lines.

Management of alien substances in the process

High Quality

It will embody the best quality based on the best management for controlling alien substances in the process.

Inspection quality

Perfect QC

It will conduct perfect inspection process and make defect-free products.

Technical skills

Tech Power
SUNGGOK's Technical skills

It embodies countergradient technology with a differentiated method

It fully controls the interference of de-molding during the product molding and demonstrates excellent product flatness and productivity.
(Patent holding)

Flatness Product flatness is up to ±1mm
Generality The minimum size is 7mm so it is applicable regardlessof the size of tray or design structure size
Productivity Realization of minimum interference of de-molding that leads to materialization of productivity such ascountergradient-unapplied mold
Design Embody simple tray design with simple combining sites

Facilities and lines

Tech Process
SUNGGOK's facilities and lines

It has systemized facilities and production lines

Installation Product Content

Vacuum forming line

  • Chain for the prevention of alien substances applied(The surface of sheet is not perforated for its transfer, so generation of alien substances is inhibited)
  • flatness during the product molding by installing mold temperature controller
  • Maximize productivity by constructing automate equipment and mass production system

Automatic washer line

  • High cleanse efficiency by using large compressor's compressed air
  • No worker for the line management is necessary since the products are automatically inserted
  • Products are automatically sent to the inside of the cleanroom

Cleanroom inspection line

  • Differential pressure air-conditioning facility
  • Cleanliness of cleanroom : 5,000 class
  • Application of LED laboratory table :1,500~2,000 lux
  • Measure the height of stacked trays using displacement sensor
  • Air shower door ESD washer installed

Mid-infrared deburring line

  • Process patent holding :Equipment to eliminate the burr of resin-treated products
  • Effective width : 600mm(Possible to adjust the width of conveyor based on the external angle of products)
  • Processing power : 4,000K / month
  • Optimum conditions by tray material and thickness applied

QR marking line

  • Establish marking facility automation line
  • Type of marking :laser-powered
  • Recyclable since the marking is not erased
  • Construct a system to prevent duplicate QR marking

Management of alien substances in the process

High Quality
SUNGGOK's Management of alien substances in the process

We will realize the best quality based on the best management for controlling alien substances.

To manage the environment where trays provided to clients are produced and the cleanliness of the products, management of alien substances is carried out as follows.

ⓐ Intrusion prevention

Footwear to wear classified by section, regulations on access control set by section, cleaning management by section

ⓑ Immediate removal

Torch deburring, MIR mid-infrared deburring, Auto Ion air cleaning, suction cleaning, high-intensity lantern test

ⓒ Incidence inhibition

Wearing anti-static clothing, management of cleanliness of the cleanroom(Air shower, air pass box, sticky mat)

  • Management for alien substances by area : Use shoe washer and floor cleanser
  • Alien substance control : Transfer of sheets compressed with clips, management of die press
  • Immediate elimination : Ion air cleanse & inhale cleanse
  • Control of secondary generation of alien substances : Torch deburring & mid-infrared deburring
  • Step 1 for the management of cleanroom : Inspection of all the trays to control alien substances & suction cleaning
  • Step 2 for the management of cleanroom : Vacuum packing and clean carriage used

Inspection quality

Perfect QC
SUNGGOK's Inspection quality

We pursue "defect-free quality" based on the perfect inspection process.

To embody "defect-free quality" of trays delivered to our clients, we perform the quality control activities as follows.
We develop and use Jig for inspection in order to complete accurate inspection quality.

ⓐ Compliance with performance standards/procedure

Quality standards/procedure is enacted and there is a training for the workers to help them complying with it.

ⓑ Quality patrol

Round-the-clock quality patrol is carried out for tight monitoring of the compliance with performance standards and procedure.

ⓒ Use accurate inspection/measuring tools

High-intensity lantern, flatness Jig, deposition height Jig, laser displacement sensor and etc.

Product size/flatness inspection Jig

  • Measure the exterior size of the product after placing it
  • Rotate the Jig board and inspect the flatness

Product deposition height inspection Jig

  • Precise measurement is possible using laser displacement sensor
  • Molding process / Inspection process cross-checking